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Pay Per Click

PPC Set up and organized Monitoring for the best ROI

As an Experienced PPC Digital Marketing Company, we look beyond CTR and CPC as the ROI matrices matters most for the business. Just traffic is good for nothing you need relevant traffic for sales & promotion. The PPC advertising technology is easy to adopt to grab online business opportunities but in order to get the maximum share of the market you a need digital expert.

Why choose us

To deliver more conversions in less spends we do a sound research on concern business niche and thorough relevance audience. Our PPC experts are certified professionals. They are insuring the best use of industry leading tools and platforms at each level like account management, bidding, optimization, tracking results, insights, reporting & monitoring.

Account set up

  • Keywords Research
  • Campaign Management
  • Set a PPC Strategy

Ad management

  • Ad Group
  • Ad text creation
  • Ad extension
  • Set up mobile-friendly ads
  • Ad submission

BID Management

  • Set daily budget & Ad cost
  • PPC cost management
  • Managing campaign for maximum ROI
  • Bid, ad cost Reviews

Campaign Optimization

  • Conversion Tracking
  • Get audience as per age, gender and location
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Exclusive Reporting

What need a High Performance Paid Search Campaign

  • Effective ads
  • Control on Marketing Budget
  • Boost visibility
  • Drive High Qualified Traffic
  • Clear call to action
  • Effective Ads
  • Improvement on CTR
  • High Returns


Min $200 /MO or 15% of Monthly Spending whichever is high

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Free PPC analysis report would be sent within 6 hours. Our Business Development Team will get back to you with exciting PPC plans & offers as per your Business requirement.

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